December 13, 2010

Gang Initiations

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Street gangs use a variety of acts of initiation to induct an individual into full membership.

* Beat in or jump in – The inductee must prove him/her self by enduring a severe beating by a pre-determined number of members for a pre-determined number of minutes. During this act the members use fists, kicks and stomps, or even clubs to beat the new member. This is frequently called an “act of love.” It is also, in many cases, an act of extreme violence. The new member at best may survive with broken ribs, cuts and contusions or maybe a broken jaw. However the beating can be so severe that the person could suffer permanent injury or even death. * Armed robbery – inductee(s) commit the crime of armed robbery and frequently shoot the victim(s) for no reason.

* Drive-by shooting

* Assault on an innocent victim

* Rape an innocent victim

* Blessed In – Occasionally, a prospective gang member will not have to endure any of the normal gang initiation rituals. He or she may be “blessed in.” This may be the result of the prospects reputation as one who is worthy of gang membership or he may be a family member of a gang member who has vouched for his worthiness and loyalty.

* Sex in – Female inductees are frequently “sexed in” by having intercourse with multiple members of the gang. This is sometimes used in lieu of being beaten in.

* Murder – The inductee is required to kill an innocent victim, a rival gang member, or even a police officer.

The Prison Gang – Blood in – Blood out

To join most prison gangs, a prospect must shed someone’s blood (blood in). This frequently involves the murder of a rival gang member. Most prison gang members are expected to remain members for life. Even if released from prison they are expected to remain loyal to the incarcerated members by providing support to them, by whatever means, usually through the proceeds of drug sales and/or other street crimes. The penalty for “quitting” the gang is death; In other words “Blood out.”

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1. barack odumba

good info I was thinking about starting my own gang and calling it the yes we cans

Comment on December 15, 2010 07:17 pm

[…] rules. Not following these can cause harm or death. Some gang affiliates are required to steal, rape or beat up people to be initiated. It is very troubling and scary that those who are not involved with such gangs are bound to be […]

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